All Odisha Gramya Bank Employees’ Federation (AOGBEF) has decided to go on strike on March 30.

These employees of Regional Rural Banks (RRB) of the State have decided to strike work on that day following a nation-wide call given by All India Regional Rural Bank Employees’ Association (AIRRBEA). After amalgamation of RRBs, there are two RRBs in the State.

According to AOGBEF general secretary Madhab Kothia, around 3,000 employees of the RRBs in the State will take part in the strike. The strike will affect the functioning of around 900 RRB branches in the State.

According to leaders of the AOGBEF, the national strike call by the AIRRBEA was in support of several long-standing demands of the employees of RRBs. “Government has till date shown step-motherly attitude towards the RRB employees. Despite directive from the Supreme Court, the RRB employees are yet to get pension benefits on par with their counterparts in nationalised banks,” Mr. Kothia alleged.

One of the major demands of the RRB employees is that they should also get pension benefits on par with the employees of nationalised commercial banks. They have also put forward their long-standing demand that all RRBs in the country should be amalgamated for formation of a National Rural Bank.