No competent authorities have verified the accuracy or calibrated the ‘accucheck’ machines with which the officials of power distribution company, Southco, checks the accuracy of electricity meters used at the end of power consumers in south Odisha.

It is an irony that basing on reports of these ‘accucheck’ machines, several electricity meters of consumers have been declared defective and some consumers have also been fined for it.

According to consumer activists, it was the duty of power distribution company, which is in charge of power distribution in south Odisha, to have its ‘accucheck’ machines tested for accuracy at regular intervals.

This lack of verification and calibration of ‘accucheck’ machines of the Southco by competent agency got revealed through information received through Right to Information (RTI) Act. Consumer activist Satish Kumar Panigrahy has urged the Southco authorities to provide information regarding verification of accuracy of ‘accucheck’ machines.

As per the information provided by the Southco authorities, they had 23 ‘accucheck’ machines in their six circles of south Odisha, namely city circle, Berhampur circle, Aska circle, Bhanjanagar circle, Jeypore circle and Rayagada circle.

These ‘accucheck’ machines are used to assess the accuracy of electricity meters fixed at the point of consumers.

Surpisingly, Southco authorities have accepted that they have no data regarding verification of accuracy of ‘accucheck’ machines or their calibration by any competent authority.

Southco authorities have stated that accuracy of these machines will be tested.

According to Mr. Panigrahy, the Southo has made a grave mistake by not getting the ‘accucheck’ machines verified and calibrated by State legal metrology of weights and measures department at regular intervals.

“This puts all decisions of Southco authorities regarding errors in electricity meters of consumers in south Odisha in doubt,” he says. According to him it was high time the State government intervened and initiate necessary action against the erring power distribution company.