Rourkela: With the implementations of 3,465 suggestions given by the employees to improve performance, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has accrued a record one time saving of about Rs. 9 crore and recurring savings of another Rs. 9 crore during 2007-2008.

A record number of 11,131 suggestions were generated through the year, which is 9.74 per cent more than that of the previous year, RSP sources said on Monday.

Out of these, 6,485 suggestions were given awards in 68 functions and 20 melas and cash prize of over Rs. 7 lakh were distributed among the employees, the sources said.

The suggestions were generated through ‘Srujani Creativity Scheme’ that harnesses the creative and innovative ideas of the employees in their respective areas of work in an objective way. Apart from the financial savings, the scheme has also brought about all round improvements in the process parameters, safety, quality, housekeeping and various other aspects, the sources said. Prizes were given for acceptable suggestions while cash awards were presented for those implemented.

The employees contributing most under this scheme were awarded with ‘Best Suggester’ and ‘Second Best Suggester’ awards, while departments were being awarded with the ‘Srujani Rolling Trophy’. - PTI