Special Correspondent

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Governor and Administrator of Union Territory of Chandigarh S.F. Rodrigues on Tuesday inaugurated the Juvenile Home in Sector 25 here.

The Juvenile Home can accommodate 100 delinquent/neglected children (50 boys and 50 girls) in separate blocks. It has 26 spacious rooms, 10 dormitories, vocational training room, recreational room, dispensary, library and basic amenities.

Accompanied by his wife Jean Rodrigues and senior officers of the Administration, General Rodrigues went around the facilities and inspected all blocks.

He asked the officers of the Social Welfare and Engineering Departments to evolve a suitable and responsive mechanism for proper maintenance of the building and other infrastructural provisions.

Speaking on the occasion, he emphasized the need of adopting a holistic approach to identify the needs, attitudes and behaviour pattern of the juveniles through psychological tests by experts and to help them by involving counselling services, family members, schools, vocational training centres to identify and upgrade their skills.

The basic objective of the Home was to realize the potential of delinquent children. Dedicated and experienced staff must be deployed at the Home to handle these "troubled children" and to provide them a healthy and secure environment. He called for launching programmes offering them several activities to develop their skills and make them lead productive lives.

The UT Home Secretary, Krishna Mohan, the Finance Secretary, S.K. Sandhu, the Deputy Commissioner, R.K. Rao, and the UT Chief Engineer, V.K. Bhardwaj, were also present.