Institute is targeting about 50,000-strong population in Puri

City-based Regional Medical Research Council (RMRC) on Thursday said it would launch its oral vaccine programme to prevent cholera attack in Satyabadi block of Puri district from January 16 this year.

“Ours scientists, scientists from International Vaccine Institute, South Korea, and two scientists from USA will be present when we will be starting focus group discussion to gauge community perception on the vaccine,” RMRC director S. Kar said here on Thursday.

The premiere medical research institute is targeting to cover about 50000-strong population in Satyabadi block to ensure that the vaccine works up to expectation.

“Our intervention will be very focussed. Personal digital assistance followed by Geographic Information System-based household mapping will be carried out to assess the efficacy of the vaccine,” Dr. Kar said.

The vaccine, Shanchol, which is manufactured at Shanta Biotech would give protection to a person from cholera for three years. The vaccine has been developed keeping in mind its potential to fight all strains of vibrio cholerae.

“From March, people will be administered oral vaccine twice in a 15-day gap. It is expected that no cholera attack will take place in three years,” RMRC director said.

He said scientists would keep a close surveillance on the population to study the impact of the vaccine for next two years. “Right now we have already collected household data in Satyabadi Block to know as part of keeping the history of people,” Dr. Kar said.

RMRC is also be assessing the logistics and cost effectiveness of the vaccine during its assessment. “If everything goes smoothly, the vaccine would be administered in Kashipur block of Rayagada district from where reports of cholera deaths keep coming frequently,” he said.

  • The vaccine will be effective for three years
  • Personal digital assistance followed by GIS-based household mapping to assess efficacy of vaccine