Rajesh Nair

Majority of them involve motorcyclists

No major law and order problem209 road deaths reported in 2005 Murder cases decreased from 26 in 2004 to 19 in 2005

PONDICHERRY: There has been a rise in fatal accidents, a majority of them involving motorcyclists suffering head injuries, in Pondicherry during the last three years.

The number of deaths due to road accidents increased from less than 100 in 2003 to 194 in 2004 and to 209 in 2005.

More than 60 per cent of the dead were motorcyclists due to head injuries.

"In view of this, the Police Department will request the administration to make helmet wearing compulsory", P R Meena told reporters here on Tuesday.

Helmet campaign

The department will also make a campaign to highlight the need for wearing helmets. "We would request every motorcyclist to wear a helmet", he added. He said during the last one year there had been no major law and order problem even though the police handled about 1000 protest actions in 2005.

Giving statistics on crime figures, the IG said, effective booking of more preventive cases against rowdies during the year resulted in the decrease of all heinous crimes.

The number of murder cases decreased from 26 in 2004 to 19 in 2005.

The number of kidnapping cases came down from 10 in 2004 to 6 in 2005 and incidents of house burglary decreased from 86 in 2004 to 66 in 2005.

But the rape cases reported have gone up by 2 in 2005.

In the year 2004, 4 rape cases were reported and it has gone up to 6 in 2005.

Detection of cases

"The overall detection of cases has slightly decreased from 93 per cent to 92 per cent during the year.

However, the percentage is much above the All India average of 80 per cent.

According to latest statistics released by National Crime Records Bureau, the Pondicherry Police figures in the first five States for the highest detection of cases".

Also according the NCRB, Pondicherry has achieved the highest conviction rate of 95 per cent in the country, he said.