Rebels attacked the 41 Assam Rifles post at Nambisha in Ukhrul district on Wednesday night with some bombs which hadbeen planted nearby.

However, there was no casualty. Soon after detonating the bombs, the rebels are believed to have escaped to their camps.

Early on Wednesday, the post of 25 Madras Regiment at Singhat in Churchandpur district was attacked using lethod bombs and automatic rifles. There was retaliatory fire from the personnel.

Riflemen K. Subhas Gurugundar and Guru Swamy were wounded when bomb shrapnel hit them. They were evacuated to the military hospital at Leimakhong near Imphal. One powerful bomb was left near the perimeter wall of Raj Bhavan on Wednesday morning. A woman shop keeper, who noticed the bomb, reported it to CRPF personnel.

The house of an engineer at Kwakeithel in Imphal was targeted by armed persons. One Chinese-made hand grenade was lobbed. However it failed to explode.

Security measures have been beefed up.