Senior citizen security cell

The senior citizens who live a solitary life in the capital city of Bhubaneswar are passing through various social problems, mental torture and ailing health.

Their sons and daughters are working outside the State to earn their livelihood. Taking advantage of their lonely life and sickly health, the anti-socials of the locality take advantage by coercing or threatening them to give money on the pretext of some social or religious purpose.

A few aged persons were killed in the past when they refused to give money. To put an end to such problem and to maintain a peaceful life, a group of senior citizens recently met the newly-appointed Police Commissioner and requested him to activate the senior citizen security cell.

The SCSC is virtually defunct in the city at present. Some complained that though they had furnished their details in prescribed pro forma along with photographs, they have not so far been registered in the SCSC. They urged the Police Commissioner to activate the SCSC and appoint the nodal officers who should interact with aged persons every fortnight so that they may feel safe and secure.

K.C. Mohanti


Cinema promotion

Of late actors and producers are devoting less time on film production, but giving more time on promotion. ‘Chennai Express’ is model when a very average film could become a hit due to relentless promotion by its star Sharukh Khan and Dipika Padukone. This is really a very bad trend as far as film making in the India is concerned. Films are just becoming business model to make money while sending message to society or reflecting social trend in cinemas have become secondary.

The situation is going to turn worse as other producers have learnt the lesson from Sharukh Khan and Dipika Padukone. They would keep a huge amount of money for promotion while investing less on artistes as well as other crew members.

Rajat Sahu


Scanty rainfall

Farmer community in Odisha is staring at an uncertain future since monsoon rain did not take place as usual. The continuous dry spell has not only impacted agriculture in the State, but also has dashed hopes of farmers.

The impact of the present crisis would be felt after a few months when people would start migrating to faraway places in search of job.

The State Agriculture Department draws comfort by averaging total rainfall that occurred during the monsoon.

It has taken average of total rainfall from June 9 to September 1, which says there has not been much difference in rainfall.

But keeping the arithmetic aside, if farmers’ views are taken into consideration, the situation is very discouraging. Farmers did not get rainfall when they needed it the most.

The kharif season needed rainfall from July second week to September first week. But contrary to that, the State experienced scanty rainfall.

Raghunath Bhoi