Unauthorised structures

For building any construction for residential purpose at Bhubaneswar, the approval of building plan by Bhubaneswar Development Authority is very much necessary. They are the law enforcing authority for any building plan and have been delegated powers to demolish the unauthorised construction or those who have violated the approval plan.

But in practice, it is seen that many plot owners have constructed houses without approval of BDA. To avoid delay in approval plan, the BDA has recently opened building plan approval grievance cell where the plot owners can meet the planning member and put forth their grievances to ascertain the reason of delay.

But in spite of the facility, many house owners have violated the norms and constructed houses encroaching the public roads and thereby causing problems to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

This shows the insatiable urge of some people for grabbing public land. The BDA should demolish such unauthorised construction on public roads for the interest of common man.

K. C. Mohanti


A safe bus terminus

Despite remaining in the news for all bad reasons, the Badambadi bus terminus in the millennium city has a lot to cheer about.

No matter that the toilets are soiled and dirty here, yet every passenger who boards or arrives here in the mid-night gets a cozy waiting hall, which seems to be safer than any other place in the city.

Similarly, if you are hungry and running short of food stuffs at the dead of the night, the bus terminus has always something to offer.

Tea stalls and stationary shops near the bus station remain open for 24 hours.

Kumarshree Sahoo


Onion price hike

The recent onion price hike across the country has become a regular feature during this period of the year, just before the new crops are harvested. However, hoarding by unscrupulous businessmen is stated to be the key reason behind shooting up of price of onion.

The Civil Supply Department staff should be well aware of this and they should proactively so as to ensure that the price hike doesn’t give a harrowing experience to the housewife in the kitchen.

Apart from putting a curb on export of onion at this time of the year and ensuring better crop every year, the authorities should also give top priority to prevent the hoarding, which creates artificial shortfall of the commodity in the market.

Prabhanjan Mishra