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Children are being brought by NGOs promising better life

Some 15 such NGOs have been identified till now

BERHAMPUR: The Rayagada district administration has started an investigation to find out all of a sudden some organisations and persons had started bringing small children from poor families of south Orissa to the district during last two months.

On Monday night a team of officials led by the Rayagada Sub-Collector, D. Jagannath located around 25 small children kept in a small room at Jagannathpur village of Mukundpur panchayat. The children were left in the care of a girl who knew little about the organisation and the persons who had brought the children to this place.

Some of these children were also from Kandhamal district. Although the children were brought from their homes with the lure of free education, food, and lodging for ten years no arrangements had been made for their education. They were living a miserable life.

It may be noted that Rayagada district administration is now trying to send back 68 children from Gajapati district to their parents, who were rescued from a temple.

Speaking to The Hindu over phone, Mr. Jagannath who is investigating into the affair said he smelled something fishy as all of a sudden within last two months some organisations had sprouted up in the district and they were bringing small children from different parts.

Till now they have identified 15 such organisations which are allegedly bringing children with promise of providing them good life. Two organisations from Kerala and some persons involved with these organisations are also under investigation as they have also started taking interest in small children of poor families during last few months.

“We have decided to make thorough enquiry of every organisation involved in this torture of small children in the name of social service,” Mr. Jagannath said.

But the real reason behind the whole thing is yet to be ascertained although it hints at a major racket involving paedophiles.