Lucknow: Yoga guru Swami Ramdev today demanded a high-level probe into allegations by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat that his Pharmacy, which produces ayurvedic medicines, was selling drugs containing animal residue and said there was a conspiracy by multi national companies against him.

Talking to mediapersons here, Ramdev asserted he was ready to face probe by any agency on the activities of his ayurvedic unit, Divya Yog Pharmacy, located in Uttaranchal.

"I have specific information that Ms Karat had a meeting with the representatives of certain MNCs on December 29 after which she levelled the allegation at their behest," Ramdev said.

Announcing that any agency could inspect his unit, the famed Yoga expert said the sample which was tested by the Union Health Ministry was provided by Ms Karat herself.

"It is possible that Ms Karat provided an adulterated sample to the lab after faking it as a product of my Pharmacy," he added.

Claiming that all MNCs particularly soft drink majors had aligned him, the Swami claimed it was due to his tirade against them. "About 60 per cent of the soft drink market has eroded in the country due to my yoga preachings for healthy lifestyle," he asserted.

Terming himself as a true patriot who served the nation through yoga, the Baba maintained he would not bow down to such 'rumours' against him and said the allegations of Ms Karat tantamount to an anti-national act in favour of the MNCs.

Ramdev also invited Ms Karat to join his yoga camp so that "her views could transform as pro-national. I am sure if she joins my camp, she would achieve highest goal in her political career", he said.

The Yoga guru claimed all workers of his Hardwar unit were happy with the work culture and only a handful of "criminal minded" persons were disturbing the smooth functioning of the unit.

Earlier, Ms Karat accused Swami Ramdev-owned Pharmacy, which produces ayurvedic medicines, of selling drugs containing animal residue, saying the Union Health Ministry had confirmed the medicines were adulterated.

Ms Karat told a news conference at New Delhi that the Union Health Ministry, in a letter addressed to her, had confirmed prima facie evidence of animal residue in the medicines of Uttaranchal-based Divya Yog Pharmacy.

Ms Karat claimed even Labour laws were being violated at the Hardwar manufacturing unit of the pharmacy. -- UNI