Special Correspondent

To participate in plan preparation

Puducherry: Chairman of Indian Institute of Community Development in Puducherry V.A. Vasudevaraju has appealed to the Lt. Governor Mukut Mithi to associate the representatives of the municipal councils and panchayats with the preparation of the draft XI five-year plan (2007-2012) and the draft annual plan (2007-2008).

In a release here on Saturday, Mr. Vasudevaraju said that it was indeed a sorry spectacle that the administration was ignoring the local bodies in the plan preparation as they were not associated with the meeting of the State Planning Board slated to be held on Monday. Although it is nearly five months since the municipal bodies were constituted, they were not involved in the preparation despite a clear mandate in the Constitution for economic development and social justice.

There should be District Planning Committees, which should consolidate the plans prepared by municipalities and commune panchayats and prepare draft development plan for the districts.

These plans should be included in the State-level five year and annual draft plans. Mr. Vasudevaraju said as nothing had been done in this regard the constitutional procedures had been violated. The Government and should also come out with remedial measures.