Rajesh B. Nair

PUDUCHERRY: If the Women's Reservation Bill becomes a law in the near future, the territorial assembly will have 10 elected women representatives in the 30-member Legislative Assembly.

For politically aspirant women, the Bill would provide a much needed space as in the last 12 Assembly sessions there were only seven women members. In the current and last sessions, there had been no elected women representatives.

Information gathered from the Legislative Assembly Secretariat revealed that in the first session during 1963-64, there were two elected representatives.

In then 39-member Assembly, Saraswathi Subbiah got elected from Cassicadai and Thirumathi Kamichedty Savitry represented Canacalapeth constituency in Yanam.

While in the second session during 1964-68, Padmini Chandrasekaran represented Couroussoucoupam and P. Angammal got elected from Embalam there was a lone women member in the third session from 1969-74 represented by M. Veerammal of Embalam constituency.

In the subsequent two sessions, there were no women representatives. In the sixth session from 1980-83, Renuka Appadurai representing Reddiyarapalayam Assembly segment, was the lone women member.