Public libraries

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In a city like Bhubaneswar where a number of scientists, professors, doctors, lawyers, litterateurs, students, and other categories of intelligentsia are living, public libraries are indispensable in their daily life.

There are only two public libraries (Harekrushna Mahatab Public Library, Unit 4, and Ramakrishna Math Public Library, Old Town) where people of nearby localities avail the facility of utilising the libraries. But a majority of population is deprived of library facility.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation recently decided to open eight public libraries at different parts of the city. But the locations have not been finalised. Since Gadagopinath Prasad (Ward Number 5 of BMC) is occupied by persons with academic interests, it is suggested that out of the sanctioned number, a library with reading room be opened in the vacant space of the municipal dispensary where perfect serenity prevails and it is the central point of the area.

K.C. Mohanti


Career counselling

centres needed

Both Central and State governments are spending huge amount of money on providing quality education to all.

New Central Universities, Indian Institute of Technologies (IITS), and many deemed and unitary universities have been established.

Besides, the schemes such as Sarva Sikhya Abhiyan are being implemented for the uplift of elementary and secondary education.

But from my personal experience, I have observed that a majority of our parents do not have much foresight and information to guide us in making proper career decisions. Owing to lack of proper career planning, many sincere and industrious students, who could achieve excellence in different fields, have remained underperformer and underutilised.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Department of Union government and the State Mass Education and Higher Education Department should establish the career counselling cells at school, college, and university level.

Priya Ranjan Swain



The United States of America and its associate countries are once again trying to start the war with Iran alleging latter's non-cooperation with regard to nuclear programme. Iran is of the view that its programme is meant for peaceful purpose and nobody is required to make a hue and cry. In the past the U.S. and their associate countries had fought a war against Iraq on the plea that the Iraqi government under the adamant leadership of Saddam Hussain was procuring and stocking nuclear weapons which were very dangerous to the world.

But after the war nothing was found from that country. Only Americans had taken their revenge against Saddam. Previously the U.S. indulged in war with different countries to show its prowess. Thousands of people died in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. The next target of the US and its associates is perhaps Iran.

This type of dictatorship of the U.S. is not acceptable.S.R. Krishna




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