They urged the State to promote manufacture of fly ash bricks instead

Inhabitants of some villages in Kukudaphandi, Chikiti and Rangeilunda blocks of Ganjam district demanded the State government to put restrictions on polluting traditional brick kilns near their villages.

They urged the State government to promote manufacture of fly ash brick manufacturing units instead. They have written to the State Governor, Chief Minister, Industries Minister, Revenue Minister and State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) regarding it.

According to these villagers they were now worried over the rising number of traditional polluting brick kilns in their area. According to them, most of these brick kiln owners from adjoining Andhra Pradesh.

These brick kiln owners are using devious means to take agricultural land of farmers on lease to produce bricks through traditional method which was destroying fertility of the soil and making it unusable for cultivation

Natabar Sahu

An activist