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IPICOL organises workshop on ‘Cleaner production and CDM’

They require an investment of Rs. 5 cr per generating one mega watt of energy

OREDA is doing a scrutiny of eight solar power project proposals

BHUBANESWAR: If everything goes smoothly, grids in Orissa will soon be supplied with electricity produced from biomass-based power plants. Several private companies have lined up with projects to produce about 80 mw of power from biomass.

“The State Technical Committees (STC) has already cleared proposals for eight biomass power projects to be set up by private companies in the State. Altogether there are 18 biomass power projects lined up in the State,” Chief Executive of Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA), S. Raghavan said on the sidelines of a national workshop on ‘Cleaner production and CDM’ held here on Thursday.

The workshop was organised by the Industrial Investment Promotion Corporation of Orissa Limited (IPICOL), DFID and CTRAN, a consulting firm.

Mr. Raghavan said OREDA was studying into details of proposals submitted by six other developers and a decision in this regard would be taken by STC on September 15. “Biomass-based project proposals need critical assessment. Truckloads of rice husks, coir or coconut shells will be required to feed the biomass power project. We need to look into if these raw material would be available for projects,” he said. Biomass-based power plants required an investment of Rs. 5 cr per generating one mega watt of energy.

Taking into consideration of projects received and assessed by OREDA, grids could get about 80 mw of electricity from this renewable sources. Till date there is one biomass power project existing in the State. It is captive power plant with generating capacity of 1.2 mw is fed by rice husks. “The raw materials are available everywhere. Once cost of biomass, often treated as waste in villages, is fixed, people will come forward to contribute,” Ashok Choudhury, OREDA’s deputy director (projects) said.

The 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) is aimed at establishing renewable-based grid interactive power generating power capacity of 14,000 MW with biomass power having a share of 2,100 MW (3 per cent).

Similarly, OREDA is doing a scrutiny of eight solar power project proposals. Many of these have been cleared by STC.

These companies could pump in Rs. 1,260 crore of investment and about 200 mw of power could be availed from solar power plants.

A top official said more promoters could have showed interest, but non-fixation of tariff of unit of power was a major stumbling block.