No land to industries of high pollution potential in and around the State capital

Industries department proposed that the government land should not be allotted within Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Area and areas coming under the jurisdiction of Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) Area of Bhubaneswar to the industrial units of high pollution potential.

However, patches of government land would be allotted for projects having high social relevance and government infrastructure projects.

A recently held high level meeting under the chairmanship of Industries Secretary Parag Gupta suggested that industries should be given land at concessional rate basing on graded system and depending on sector and size of the industrial units.

The Revenue and Disaster Management had earlier urged the Industries Department to examine the feasibility of prescribing a separate rate of concessional rate of premium for the villages in comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) Area of Bhubaneswar. Industries Department proposed to make amendments land allotment provisions prescribed in Industrial Policy Resoulution-2007.

It is to be noted that Housing and Urban Development department has recently included 556 villages of Khurda and Puri district in the Bhubaneswar Development Authority area which included many villages that do not form the part of the BMC area. Rapid urbanisation has resulted in high land rates in rural areas of Bhubaneswar Sub-Division and Jatani Municipal Area. As per IPR 2007 the concessional rate of the premium for Municipal and NAC areas of Bhubaneswar (excluding BMC area) and Khurda Sub- Division is Rs. 5 lakh per acre. The land rate for the areas other than municipal and NAC areas of these two sub- divisions is Rs. 2lakh per acre.

It was further recommended that social infrastructure projects like institutions of national repute should be allowed with concession of 70 per cent of bench mark value of the land or government land at free of cost.

On the other hand other social infrastructure projects should be allowed concession at the rate of 25 per cent of bench mark value of the Land irrespective of its location. Industries Department decided to get approval of High Level of Clearance Authority for amending IPR-2007.

  • Government land to be allotted for projects having high social relevance

  • 556 villages of Khurda and Puri district included in BDA