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“It will strengthen legal education, make students more proficient”

Calls upon law students join judicial services, education and contribute to society

Increasing number of girls in legal education

a “positive sign for the future”

JAIPUR: The Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan, on Saturday called for promotion of inter-disciplinary knowledge in legal education for expansion of students’ horizons and application of information technology to research and teaching, besides giving scholarships to resolve the difficulties in the legal system.

Addressing the third Convocation of the National Law University in Jodhpur, Mr. Justice Balakrishnan said imparting education in subjects such as political science, sociology, economics, history, philosophy and literature would help strengthen legal education and make law students more proficient.

The Chief Justice said the telecom revolution in the present age of the Internet could immensely help the law students by ensuring their access to judgments of courts around the world as well as prestigious journals of foreign universities.

“Teachers and students of law should get the maximum advantage of IT and computers,” he said.

Mr. Justice Balakrishnan said introduction of scholarships of high standard — in which jurists, administrators and lawmakers can participate — could highlight various problems of the legal system and help evolve the suitable approach to resolve them.

He felt that social service was an important element of legal education and called upon the law students to build up their career in judicial services and education, after occupying good positions in commercial sector, to make their contribution to social welfare.

“Those working in field of law and justice protect the rights of weaker sections of society. This is an important area that deserves the attention of law students,” said Mr. Justice Balakrishnan.

The Chief Justice pointed out that new social and economic challenges in society had led to a phenomenal increase in the number of cases in the courts. “There is a shortage of judicial officers because of less career advancement opportunities. These drawbacks should be removed and young and competent lawyers should be encouraged to join judicial service,” he said.

Mr. Justice Balakrishnan described the increasing number of girls in legal education as a “positive sign for the future” and said it would help remove gender imbalance in the legal field. He said the National Law University in Jodhpur was one of the best law schools in the country.

The ceremony

A total of 111 graduate and post-graduate students of the university were awarded degrees during the Convocation ceremony, while those occupying first positions in various examinations were given gold medals and other prizes.

The university’s Chancellor and Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court, Justice Jagdish Bhalla, and members of the university’s Academic Council and Supreme Court judges, Justice A. K. Mathur and Justice Dalveer Bhandari, were present on the occasion.