Staff Reporter

BHUBANESWAR: To trace out, identify and ascertain the number of dropouts, of out of school and working children in capital city, Pratham, a voluntary organisation, here on Saturday launched an innovative campaign “A day for my city”.

Volunteers comprising social activists and college students fanned out in different parts of the city covering streets, lanes, bylanes and slums for locating as many children engaged in rag picking, daily labourers in hotels and wandering aimlessly near railway stations.


“Our main objective was to spread awareness among people regarding menace of the child-related problems and sensitise different sections of people for the betterment of these children, said Rudra Narayan, State Coordinator, Pratham-Child Labour programme.

He said assisting government machineries and other concerned agencies to make a uniform approach to address the issues of children’s vulnerability was also in their mind. The efforts would culminate in conducting survey to assess the number of out of school, dropouts, working children in Bhubaneswar and compile and analyse of the data, he said. The campaign was launched by Ananta Narayan Jena, Mayor of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.