The ensuing elections in various colleges and universities of the State to form Students’ Unions are turning out to be a big farce and showing disturbing trends as students’ unrests are reported from several colleges. Factionalism among students, rampant violations of guidelines, and more shockingly, allegations against authorities for their partisan attitude are the order of the day in almost all the college campuses even as the electioneering is picking up after finalization of contesting candidates on Saturday.

While the State higher education department pronouncing the notifications for the elections earlier this week had categorically stated that elections are to be held according to the Supreme Court guidelines basing on Lyngdoh Commission recommendations, a crosscheck of facts turn out to be far from reality.

Political parties continue to call shots in college elections and contesting candidates are in the fray courtesy their political bosses. A specific guideline on limiting election expenditures by candidates has no relevance as reports indicate that the candidates are spending lavishly throwing parties where food and liquor are available in plenty.

But a glaring allegation that has become contagious is the eligibility of contesting candidates on the basis of their attendances in the classes. While it has been suggested that candidates having below 75 percent attendance shall not be allowed to contest the elections, the trends show the reverse is happening.

In one such case, which rocked the Ravenshaw University here on Saturday was that students owning allegiance to AIDSO staged a massive rally inside the campus in protest against rejection of candidature of one of its vice president contestant. The nomination of Hemant Kumar Lenka was rejected on the ground that his attendance fell short of the requisite percent.

“In fact Lenka was sincere in his classes and despite a day-scholar after failing to get a hostel seat he had attended all the classes of his department. But by replacing the original attendance sheet with that of a fake one, Lenka is deprived of his legitimate right,” said a Press release issued by AIDSO on the day.

The release went on to add that nomination papers of some candidates who are claiming to be ruling party supporters are intact whereas in reality they have a miserable attendance. The AIDSO has threatened to paralyse the campus and stop the election process, if justice is not made in their case.