Ten days after a minor girl was brutally raped and then murdered, city police on Sunday began the process of addressing the larger issue concerning to Saliasahi – Bhubaneswar’s largest slum having dubious distinction of being a safe haven of criminals.

City police held an interaction with residents of Saliasahi and tried to be familiar with the critical security concerns being faced by them. Police Commissioner R. P. Sharma and Additional Commissioner of Police Santosh Bala urged inhabitants of Saliasahi to cooperate with the police so that criminals could be taken to task.

“Large number of people are staying on rent. One can find people from almost all districts in Saliasahi. It is assumed that many of these migrant people are having criminal antecedents. We will collect name, address and proof of their domicile of all those availing rented accommodation in the slum,” said Police Commissioner R. P. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma said compilation of the basic data would be completed within the next 10 days. “Apart from making an inventory of people migrating to the slum, we will have to spread awareness among people to cooperate with police whenever they come across people with suspicious movements,” he said.

According to the city police, two police personnel would go door-to-door in the Saliasahi from Monday and note down details of the people residing there. The process of registering all details would be completed within next 10 days.

Saliasahi, spread over about 200 acres of land, has an approximate population of 1.5 lakh. Congested lanes and dingy and crammed houses are features of the slum which has 32 smaller habitations. On a regular basis, hundreds of migrants come to reside in the slum while many leave. It may be difficult task to keep track of such an huge population. However, the city police said over a period of time a mechanism would be put in place by which registration of people’s whereabouts could take place automatically.

The slum comes under the jurisdiction of Nayapalli police station which was designed for a population of 75,000. The police station has now six officers and 14 constables as against the sanctioned post of 15 officers and 32 constables which is inadequate for policing.