The casualty medical officer of Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar Milan Mitra on Thursday told the Justice P.K. Mohanty Commission of Enquiry probing into the Pipili gang-rape and murder case, that he (Mitra) had not intimated the police while treating the victim for the first time.

Due to workload and utter confusion in the Casualty Department on the day of the incident, he could not view the case to be a medico-legal (ML) case and therefore did not inform the police before beginning treatment of the victim, Mitra told the Commission. He further informed that as the accompanying attendants of the patient could not give any idea about the causes of her unconsciousness, the 19-year-old girl was suspected to be a snakebite victim and was injected with anti-venom serum.

Mitra is one of the three doctors summoned by the Commission for deposition and cross examination.