Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: Political parties and candidates should obtain prior written permission from the District Magistrate for using loudspeakers mounted on vehicles during election campaign. Failure to obtain permission will lead to confiscation of equipment, vehicles used and a case will be registered against them, District Election Officer G. Ragesh Chandra said in a press release.

During poll campaign, political parties, candidates and supporters used loudspeakers on stages, trucks, cars, vans, hired cars, three-wheeler vehicles and rickshaws. Road-to-road campaigns using loudspeakers led to noise pollution, affecting students’ examination preparation, the elderly and patients, the release said.

As the Election Commission was aware that the use of loudspeakers could not be prevented during campaign, it had come up with regulations to streamline their use. Public meetings for election campaigns should not be held from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and public address system, loudspeakers and other noise-creating equipment should not be fitted on vehicles or installed at any place.

If loudspeakers were used at public meetings, campaigns, rallies or other places during non-permitted hours, the equipment and the vehicles used would be confiscated. A case would also be registered against those involved, the release said.

Prior written permission should be obtained from the District Magistrate for using loudspeakers on vehicles. The registration number of the vehicles should be given to the District Magistrate along with a letter requesting permission. On receiving permission, the political parties or candidates should inform the Returning Officer and police officials concerned.

Campaigns using loudspeakers should be stopped 48 hours before polling. The Election Commission had told all political parties, candidates and supporters to adhere to the regulations for using loudspeakers, the release said.