State’s economy is now driven by boom in mining sector, says Plan panel member

Despite some rapid economic development achieved by Odisha in the past one decade, per capita consumption in a number of districts in the State remains lower than that of rest of the country, said Abhijit Sen, member of Planning Commission of India.

Addressing the 45th conference of Orissa Economics Association (OEA) organised under the aegis of National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar here on Saturday, Mr. Sen said, “Odisha’s GDP per capita is considerably richer than that of Bihar. A large number of districts of Odisha in GDP per capita terms are much better than many districts of Bihar. But a large number of districts in Odisha in terms per capita consumption are much poor than that other parts of the country, even some districts of Bihar.” “Traditionally remittance plays a major role in economic growth due to vast migrant population of Odisha and Bihar while Odisha’s economy is now driven by boom in mining sector. In recent years, much of revenue earning from mining sector in Odisha has been pumped into public expenditure for which there is some noticeable growth,” said renowned economist.

The Planning Commission member said Odisha had made rapid stride in poverty reduction since 2004 and it also achieved improvement in life expectancy and literacy. The two-day conference of OEA is focusing on two issues such as land acquisition policy and impact of wage increase on the value and pattern of agricultural production in Odisha. Academicians in economic streams and researchers from different institutions are participating in the conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, State Development Commissioner, said “land acquisition exercise always faces some contentious questions. There is always demand for market price of land. But market price of land hardly exists except a few urban centres. So determination of market price of land is always a tricky question. Similarly, land losers are always deprived of share of future use of land.”

Mr. Mohapatra called upon economists to find out a mechanism which would automatically compute the benefits of future use of land.

Among others NISER Director T. K. Chandrasekhar and registrar A. K. Naik and president of OEA Bimal K Mohanty and its secretary Rabi Narayan Patra spoke on the occasion.

  • 45th conference of Orissa Economics Association organised under the aegis of NISER

  • Land acquisition exercise always faces some contentious questions, says official