I would like to comment on the article that appeared in The Hindu on June 21, (People up in arms against various projects). People’s movements in Orissa are not due to ignorance or insecurity or any other reason that Rita Ray is stating. Far from it these movements are due to awareness among people that the industrialisation happening in Orissa is not going to benefit them. Rather they are quite appropriately concerned about the mindless devastation of forests, rivers, fertile land and mountains due to mining in the State. The resistance to mining-based industry in Orissa is not mindless and has been endorsed by a large number of internationally acclaimed sociologists, anthropologists, ecologists and even economists.

Rita Ray’s comment reveals her ignorance of the issue. My humble suggestion to the editor is to quote more adequately informed experts rather than arm chair intellectuals who are insensitive to people’s causes.

Surya Shankar Dash,


Extend help to ailing actor

It is a matter of concern that Oriya cine artiste Hara Patnaik is suffering from serious health ailment and under treatment and a huge amount is required for his treatment. Different organisations are coming forward to help Hara Patnaik by conducting different programmes to raise funds so as to forward the same to the ailing artiste.

Cine artistes entertain the public and gain much popularity amongst the general public and sometimes give extraordinary performance which will touch the hearts of the people and they are always remembered by the public.

It will be a great gesture on the part of people to come forward to extend a helping hand to the artistes who once entertained them and are now suffering from different diseases.

The government of Orissa should come forward to help Hara Patnaik for his early recovery. Cine artistes, producers of Hindi and Telugu cinema should also help generously so as to give a fresh lease of life to the actor.

S.R. Krishna


Social audit on relief needed

Floods have come again to ravage Orissa and like every year, the State government reiterated its oft-repeated stand saying it is ready to meet the disaster. But there is no end to sufferings of people.

What we need is a social auditing on relief and rescue operation being carried out by the State government every year. Are figures given by the government about the affected persons, drinking water pouches, food packets and other relief materials true?

This needs to be ascertained. The State government cannot go on befooling people. What about permanent solution to the disaster or measures to minimise impact of calamity? A white paper should be published on the action of administration during calamites.

I suspect it is a game of figure only. The disaster preparedness advertised by the government is just eyewash. During real time disasters, the preparedness goes haywire.

Prasant Senapati


Price control

An apprehension about general election is slowly becoming a reality now. Although BSP’s withdrawal of support has hurt the emboldening Congress on nuclear issue, most of the political parities are getting prepared to face the election.

It’s a matter of time when the Election Commission will come to picture. At this juncture, the political party, which is in power, will do everything to contain spiralling prices of essential commodities.

But one danger lies in the whole exercise. If we try to control the prices keeping in view the elections, it will explode just after the election. And it will become just unbearable for people. The price control mechanism, being thought of now, should not be specific to elections and it should be a long-term plan to rein in the market.

Subhranshu Pratihari