Detection of fraud in 10 outlying villages makes officials tread carefully

With allegations of fraud in land deals in the capital flooding in, and both police and revenue administration looking into it, the State government has cautioned prospective buyers to check records while purchasing land in 10 villages on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

Ground-level officials recently came across a number of instances of fraudulent recording government land in the name of individuals in these 10 villages. It prompted the Revenue and Disaster Management department to come out with such a rare announcement.

The revenue villages where buyers have been asked to be cautious include Gothapatna, Malipada, Patrapada, Andharua, Dumduma, Gopinathpur, Ghatikia, Binjhagiri and Majana under Bhubaneswar Tehesil and Ogalapada under Jatani Tehesil.

Ever since the area on the outskirts of the capital came into prominence after the announcement of a number of big-ticket projects and revelation of land-use details in the master plan prepared by IIT-Kharagpur, prices of land skyrocketed.

High-growth area

Land is in high demand in Patrapada, Andharua, Ghatikia, Gothapatana, Dumduma and Malipada. Major villages fall in the southern extension of Bhubaneswar which is all set to witness phenomenal growth in the next decade.

Following a High Court order, Central Bureau of Investigation has already begun investigation into fraudulent recording of government land in Andharua village where several institutions are coming up. Although CBI has taken possession of several land records, there is no halt to land transactions.

Patrapada, where construction of campus of All India Institute of Medical Sciences is going on, is said to be a high growth area. While a few patches of government land are being developed by Orissa State Housing Board as residential complexes on public private partnership mode small areas of government land are either under possession of influential local musclemen or real estate developers who have already made those patches as part of their projects.

A top official in Revenue and Disaster Management department said it was better to inform people in advance rather than solving scores of disputes originating from deceitful recording of land at a later stage. It is to be noted that land dispute is one of the major reasons that hinders expansion of Bhubaneswar.

  • Announcement of big-ticket projects has increased the rate of land
  • CBI has already begun investigation into several instances of duplicity