Even as both the Union and the State governments have been insisting on prohibition of corporal punishment against children, sizeable parents still believe punishment is required to discipline children.

City-based non-government organisation People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC), which carried out a study on understanding of parents about children in Bhubaneswar and Keonjhar, says 38 per cent of parents agree punishment is required whereas 62 per cent parents believe love and care are vital for children’s future.

As high as 57 per cent of parents agreed that they usually practise corporal punishment at homes to correct their children. Another disturbing trend that emerges from the study is that 27 per cent parents are informed by their children about the punishment given to them in school while 73 per cent of parents are not informed by their children regarding any such incident.

“Children need love and care. If they face punishment for mistakes, perhaps they commit out of ignorance, it will only traumatise them. As parents, we need to be careful on this aspect. There is a need to spread awareness on positive parenting among parents who are still trapped in the past,” said Ranjan Mohanty of PECUC.

The study says 93 per cent of parents believe that parents need to have in-depth understanding about their children for nurturing them scientifically.

The study was released in a workshop on ‘Positive parenting and non-violent discipline in school situations, here on Saturday.

Addressing the workshop, School and Mass Education Secretary Usha Padhee said, “We always give emphasis on quality education. But adequate efforts have not been made to abolish corporal punishment. To ensure corporal punishment-free environment in schools, teachers need change in their mindset.”

“Teachers should exhibit their patience and discuss with children for solving the problem. If children always stay fearful about punishment, it will hamper their creativity and they will always be under mental pressure,” said Ms. Padhee. School administrators, principals and educationists attended the consultation workshop.

School and Mass Education Secretary says Usha Padhee says teachers need chance in their mindset