RDC, Southern division promises to take steps to save the grains from getting damaged

KORAPUT: Paddy worth Rs.1 crore might go waste in Narayanpatna block of Koraput district if immediate measures were not taken by the government in restoring normalcy in the region.

While the district seems to have been divided over the alleged differences among the officials in the civil and police administration, people are increasingly getting confused for the non-implementation of promised measures by officials even to the tune of the RDC.

During his recent visit to Koraput district, C. S. Kumar, RDC, Southern division had assured people of the region to probe into the alleged factors affecting the peace in the region and also taking immediate steps to save the grains from getting damaged.

However with no sign of anything happening in this regard and sections of officials blaming each other for the disturbances in the block, saving the crop from the damage might not come true, locals alleged.

Tribals under the banner of Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh (CMAS) had once initiated the movement for land and then for the cultivated paddy from the occupied land.

Good yield

The block had witnessed a good production giving cheers in faces of the farmers. But situation had changed with the death of two members of CMAS in the police firing.

While with the increasing police presence in the region the tribals who had once tilled the land feared to approach the fields, the official owners of the land also could not dare to enter the field for the fear of possible retaliation from the CMAS activists.

On the one hand the paddy that was cut by CMAS before the firing incidence, was getting rotten in the open air, the falling of grains in the field from the ripe crop was causing fresh concern among the people. The scene of food grains distancing itself from the hungry mouths for the human miseries was not bearable, a local said.

While the world was eagerly launching special campaigns for ensuring food security, the silence of the government and the campaigners in this matter remains far from understanding for the common man of Narayanpatna.