After three back-to-back disasters devastated coastal districts in the month of October, Odisha Space Application Centre (ORSAC) decided to assess actual crop damages using high resolution satellite pictures.

The proposed assessment of crop damage will be carried with a resolution of 5.8 metre - first of its kind attempt to detail the damage.

“We have already requisitioned satellite pictures from National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC). We will by analysing the pictures and come out with a clear assessment within two months,” said Amiya Mohapatra, Chief Executive of ORSAC, here on Thursday.

He said damage of crop area with 5.8 m x 5.8 m area could be captured and the assessment could not be doubted. Till date, the State government has come out with crop area damage based on the eye-estimates.

Satellite pictures were showing inundation of crop area of 1.20 lakh hectare caused Phailin and subsequent flood in 13 districts and pictures for final floods were yet to be received, said Mr. Mohapatra, adding that the area of inundation would increase if last flood was taken into consideration.

The proposed assessment of crop damage assumes significance now. Mere flooding of crop area cannot not be defined as damaged. If inundation remains more than seven days, then only the crop area would be identified as damaged. “We will seek advice from NRSC while analysing pictures,” he said.

Similarly, ORSAC will go for study of infrastructure damage caused by Phailin in Ganjam, Mr. Mohapatra said.