The decision on any further hike in petrol and diesel prices will be taken by oil companies and not by the Union Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, said Indian Oil Corporation chairman R. S. Butolahere on Thursday.

“The oil companies will meet tomorrow [Friday] for the review meeting on price of petrol and diesel,” he said when asked when the next hike is likely to be announced.

“All the three oil companies will take a call together in the review meeting and after that we will let it be known if there is to be a hike. We would not like to say now what we will do because it is a matter under review” Mr. Butola added.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the annual conference of the Oil Industry Safety Directorate, a body under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The theme under discussion was “Building Safety Culture in Organisation through Inspiring Leadership.”

“The M.P. Lal Committee recommendations for safety measure in workplaces are being implemented. As far as the IOC is concerned, we have already implemented 80 to 85 per cent of the recommendations,” he said, adding that it will be fully implemented by 2014.

Importance of safety

Highlighting the importance of safety standards in hazardous locations, Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas, Lakshmi Panabaka, said: “Even a minor negligence or a system failure can create a perilous environment inside any organisation which handles inflammable products. So all the stake-holders should make an effort to achieve a safe environment inside every refinery and terminal.”

“We have to create a climate for improving the culture in the work place. Safety audits should be prepared and awareness workshops organised,” she added.

Accidents in the petroleum industry due to lack of supervision and violation of safety standards clearly establish the fact that there is further scope for improvement in the existing safety culture prevailing in the industry, she said.