Vigilance sleuths stumbled upon huge sum of cash while conducting raids at houses and offices of three senior government employees on Monday.

The biggest cash detection was made at house of Dillip Kumar Naga, Deputy Commissioner of Excise, Cuttack. Anti corruption officials recovered Rs. 28 lakh hard cash from his house at Bhubaneswar while rest Rs. 19 lakh cash from his bank locker.

During the day, official kept on estimating properties of Mr. Nag by conducting raids at his office here in Jagamara and office at Cuttack.

After search Vigilance Department calculated total moveable and immoveable properties worth Rs. 1.95 crore that was in possession of excise officials. Vigilance sources said assessment of bank accounts would reveal amassing of more properties by Mr. Nag.

In separate raid, Vigilance Department found properties worth Rs. 1.19 crore from possession of Rajat Ranjan Sadual, Assistant Surgeon of Rourkela Government Hospital.

Dr. Sadual had residential building and farm house at Rourkela Town near Panposh and residential building at Civil Township, Rourkela. He had Rs. 5.65 lakh deposit in different banks while deposits in LIC and other financial institutions to the tune of Rs. 31 lakh.

Similarly, Bhabatarana Sahu, an officer of Odisha Administrative Service, also fell into trap of vigilance sleuths. Properties worth Rs. 72 lakh was detected from Mr. Sahu. All the three raids were conducted on allegation of amassing properties disproportionate to known source of income.