KORAPUT: The curcumin content in the turmeric produced in Koraput district is higher than any other place in the State, according to Rari Pinto, Project Director of ORMAS.

Normally turmeric of the other regions in the State have 4 per cent curcumin content while in the turmeric, grown especially in Laxmipur block, its content is as high as 7 per cent.

This is the reason why samples of this turmeric is sent recently to laboratories of Reliance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd to check its viability for marketing it for the medicinal value. Farmers now generally get Rs.30 per kg of turmeric in the open market. Once it gets certified by the company they could sell at a higher rate, he says.

At present turmeric is cultivated in more than 20 villages in the block, Dei Miniaka, a tribal woman farmer from Bandikar says. With easier marketing opportunities for the product many farmers have preferred to grow this crop.