CUTTACK: A team of six Odishi dancers under the leadership of eminent dance guru Meera Das left here on Tuesday to perform in at least 12 foreign countries in Asia and Europe.

The dancers of famous city-based dance academy—“Gunjan”, are touring the countries as part of Kerala’s Surya Krishnamurthy’s “Surya Abroad Chapter”. Besides Meera, her disciples Shibangi, Isha, Malavika, Priyanka and Lopamudra would perform in Singapore, Malaysia, Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, England, Bahrain, Kuwait, Switzerland and Doha.

Besides performing in these countries, the participants would also take part in the dance workshops to popularise Odshi dance in these parts of the globe.

Meera and her team had been performing in several South-East Asian, European and Gulf countries for past three years. The team has performed in at least 52 countries abroad winning the hearts of the people in each country they visit.

The team after performing in these countries would also participate in dance festivals in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and many other cities in North India and would return to the State in January 2009.