Odisha and Jharkhand may impose restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles on border roads in an attempt to curb illegal mining and transportation of minerals.

The issue is likely to figure in discussion in the Inter-State Coordination Committee meeting to curb illegal mining on Odisha-Jharkhand border. The meeting is scheduled to be held at Keonjhar on Tuesday next.

The two States proposed to allow heavy vehicles to ply only on the routes recommended by transport department of both the States.

Smuggling status on either side of the border would be identified and the maps should clearly indicate the route and places where low height barriers are to be erected or trenches to be dug, according to agenda of the meeting.

Odisha government has prohibited storage of minerals for trading within a radius of 40 kilometres from source of such mineral. Jharkhand will be impressed upon to take similar steps in the coordination meeting.

Odisha has imposed restrictions on the number of mineral carrying vehicles originating from the source point to Paradip Port. Similar restrictions will be expected from Jharkhand to restrict movement of minerals carrying vehicles with destination to Paradip Port through NH-215 and NH 5A.

Among other steps being contemplated include joint raids and surprise checks to curb the illegal mining activities, night patrolling, augmentation of police force on bordering police stations and checking of over-loading of mineral carrying trucks.

It is to be noted that actions were yet to be taken on decisions taken in last inter-State coordination committee meeting held in February this year.

In the last meeting it was decided that sharing of information on illegal mining operation and illegal transportation of minerals will be ensured on regular basis by respective officials of mining, forest, commercial taxes and police department of bordering district. Moreover, the database of all the lessees, licensees and authorised transporters and transport vehicles will be shared along with the details of day to day permits and passes issued by officials of both the States. However, no action has been taken on this front.