Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of NTPC, Arup Roy Choudhury said on Sunday that the company could either curtail project-size or split the location for the proposed 1600 MW power project at Katwa in the Bardhaman district.

He said the land given by the West Bengal Government is “not sufficient” for the project.

He said he is still optimistic about finding a “middle path” to save the project. Mr. Roy Chowdhury, who held talks with State Power Department officials on Saturday, said the company is now willing to look at different options to ensure the project’s fruition.

“We are optimistic that some solution will surely come out from our discussions with the West Bengal government,” he told journalists at the sidelines of the PanIIT global conference in the city. Instead of about 1,200 acres of land required for the project, NTPC has got 550 acres.

He said that under the present situation, the PSU has two alternatives -- trimming the project size (to 800 MW) or splitting it over two different locations.

“We need another 250 acres for the ash pond, which can be at an alternate location closer to the plant site,” he said.