Several self-proclaimed activists have started to sprout in the urban areas of Orissa who claim they have no faith on democracy in India. Although they are still not sure what can be the best form of alternative governance, they take pride in supporting the violent vagrancy of Maoists.

At times they also take pride to claim to be the flag bearers of ideology of alternative governance of Maoists in urban areas. They also denounce the Indian legal system.

These people for some reasons never protest when Maoists through their inhuman acts of violence kill innocents or infringe their rights by destroying schools, hospitals, modes of transportation etc.

But when any Maoist, Maoist supporter or a wife of Maoist gets arrested they do not forget to take the plea of democratic rights, legal rights, human rights, civil rights and what not. When one such activist was asked why you plead of these things before a system that you denounce and do not accept, he had a paradoxical reply, “It is ‘tactism’ of revolution”. But the question is it is ‘tactism’ or bland opportunism?

In wait and watch mode

A committee, which was formed following occurrence of a series of violence on Utkal University campus, should thank its luck that no new disturbance had taken place in the meantime. The committee has been asked to study the causes of frequent student unrest and submit it to government.

But there is no information whether the committee is meeting the stakeholders or not. The university authority, which has been given green signal to act strongly against disturbing elements, is yet to take action.

Probably these authorities are waiting for another round of violence to get stirred up and chalk out strategy. Meanwhile, similar pattern of violence has been seen on campus of BJB College. Perhaps student leaders have taken the administration for granted. A senior university level teacher says in the absence of stringent action, students are encouraged to take law into their own hand. If violence recurred in near future, then the authorities could be seen scurrying for cover again, he says. It is important that committee should expeditiously do what is mandated upon it.

(Sib Kumar Das and Satyasundar Barik)