Refusing to predict the outcome of the ongoing treatment given to Pipili gangrape victim at SCB medical college and hospital here, Manjari Tripathy, associate professor of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, has said there is no need to shift the patient to any other place at this stage.

Examining the 19-year-old girl for nearly two hours on Monday, Dr Tripathy said the treatment at Cuttack hospital was at par with the New Delhi hospital. She, however, suggested that the duration of physiotherapy to the patient should be enhanced a little more and the music therapy should continue as it is.

As per the direction of the Orissa High Court and a requisition from the treating doctors, Dr Trapathy along with her team from New Delhi came here to examine the victim. The girl is now undergoing treatment in the ICU of the hospital since January 13 this year following intervention of the HC. “The patient is suffering from hypoxic damage to brain and recovery, if occurs shall take a long time and she does not need any surgical intervention now”, Dr Tripathy said. She also maintained that the complaints of bedsores to patient are fairly normal in such conditions and these could be avoided by nursing care alone. “I am sure the nursing care facility here is up to the standard and the patient need not be shifted from here to any other facility”, she said. Refuting the recent media reports that the patient has developed bedsores, hospital medical officer B.N. Maharana said the patient had already developed bedsores in her scalp and back before she was admitted to the hospital. “However, due to better care in the hospital, the existing bedsores are vanishing gradually”, Maharana said.