This time elections will surely prove every so-called expert and analyst wrong. An eerie silence is prevailing in villages while only politicians are barking and changing colours. The much-talked about excitement is yet to be felt in ground level.

Political parties are also wary about the situation. With only 15 days left to request, plead and allure voters, politicians are speechless as to how to begin the campaign. General voters have seen a lot of drama in capital city and television sets.

Sudden switching over from politics to development issues is not an easy task. Many would try to spread the messages through their party workers and create an image. In many place it is also not possible. In somewhere candidates are unknown to general voters.

Samarendra Samal


Glamour touch

Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh are going to be interesting as many popular parties are contesting in both Assembly and Lok Sabha segments. Wher as all the major parties like Congress, TDP along with grand alliance, BJP, Lok Satta, are attracting larger crowds with the touch of glamour of cine artists, the popular mega star Chiranjeevee, who floated Praja Rajyam, is also wooing the crowds with his charismatic speeches in his meetings in every nook and corner of the state.

All the parties and their bigwigs are claiming handsome majority and to form the next Government in the State and people are also taking active part by attending and listening the promises of the leaders, but to whom they will give the cake no body knows, only time will tell the outcome of the mega campaigns by the parties.

S.R. Krishna


Take action against finance companies

It was not long back when Supreme Court gave a judgment that no finance organisation will recover vehicle putting the rider in trouble as it happened in many parts of the country and a few committed suicide due to this type of misbehaviour by the company employed goons.

The recent incident in which some west zone cricket players faced while going to Airport from Cuttack Barabati stadium is a clear proof that nobody is following the court directives at all.

The finance companies are employing local anti-socials for this jobs and paying a small amount if they recover loans. But the police of the twin city must know all the offices in their jurisdiction and what action they are taking after the Barabati stadium incident is to be seen.

Vijay Mishap