Looking to enhance availability of quality law teachers, National Law University, Orissa has introduced a unique conjoint PhD-LLM programme.

“It is strange that to become a school teacher, one need to have B.Ed or other teachers' training courses, but one can become a university lecturer or assistant professor without even one-day training,” said NLUO Vice-Chancellor Faizan Mustafa in a statement here.

It said the consequence was most university teachers in the country had no training or expertise in teaching or learning methods.

“Since most of the law students join corporate firms during campus recruitments, the programme has been designed by NLUO to attract talented and bright LLB students to academics,” Mr. Mustafa said.

According to the new university, the course would involve association of research students with the classroom teaching and they would be required to conduct classes for four hours per week under the guidance of senior teachers.

“With three years of teaching-learning experience, on the award of doctorate degrees, successful candidates would be taken as hotcakes by the best law schools in the country,” he hoped.

Unlike other PhD courses offered nationwide, this research programme by NLUO provides LLM degree as a by-product. “For the first time in the country, the LLM has been integrated into a PhD programme. Students will do courses on educational psychology and learning tools that is uniquely integral to this course,” NLUO Vice- Chancellor said.

He said what made the programme entirely innovative was the requirements by the scholars enrolled to publish at least two research papers of high quality before completion of the research-based LLM.