LUDHIANA: The Punjab Government has approved nine improved varieties of six crops developed by Punjab Agriculture University.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the State Variety Approval Committee led by State Agriculture Director B.S. Sidhu.

According to a release here on Monday, the varieties which have been approved are: Pusa-1121 (Rice), Punjab Basmati-2 (Basmati rice), LH- 2076 (Cotton), RCH-308 Bt and RCH-314 Bt (Cotton), Punjab Sweet Corn-1 (Maize), CoH-119 (Sugarcane), PSH-569 (Sunflower) and Mash-114 (Kharif mash).

“The attributes of these varieties were discussed critically in the meeting and due to their superiority the varieties were approved for release in the State,” said the university’s Director of Extension Education, N.S. Malhi.