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ISRD holds two-day workshop in Berhampur

BERHAMPUR: A survey on domestic child labourers in Ganjam district would start from Friday and it would continue till Feb 20. Twenty-eight NGOs of the district would take part in this survey.

A two-day workshop was organised in the city by the State Labour Institute (SLI) and the Indian Society for Rural Development (ISRD) in the city to discuss the intricacies of the survey. The workshop concluded on Thursday.

President of the ISRD Sudhir Sabat said as per an earlier survey there were 56,147 domestic child labourers in Ganjam district. The recent survey would put stress on getting family data of the domestic child labourers, which would help in their rehabilitation. This survey would also differentiate the industrial child labourers and domestic child labourers in the district.

Child labour project

Attending the workshop, director of the SLI P.C.Das said the survey would help in the implementation of the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) in Ganjam district.

At present the project is being implemented in 18 districts of the State including Ganjam. Rest of the districts would also be brought under the project.

Child labourers from Ganjam district also migrate to other states through illegal labour contractors. Last year a group of child labourers from Hinjli area were rescued from a bangle making unit at Mumbai where they were subjected to inhuman torture.