‘Geetam', an institute of Indian classical music in the city gifted a weekend of classical music extravaganza to the localites to celebrate its 26th annual day. The two-day festival of classical music was inaugurated on Saturday evening. On Sunday evening a new website was launched by the ‘Geetam' to promote classical music and talents related to it in Orissa. The website would serve as a platform for the amateur classical artists as well as the Non-Resident Oriya (NRO) classical performers who want to perform in Orissa. The musical evening of the ‘Geetam' on Sunday started with tabla duet by two youngsters Arya Tripathy and Gajaraj Mohini. They are disciples of noted tabla maestro Kulamani Sahu. It was followed by Sitar recital by Bhimsen Moharana of Koraput. Khayal recital by Sampa Ghosh from Kolakata was the highlight of the evening. Kulamani Sahu accompanied her on tabla. Concluding performance of the evening was adept sarod recital by Sunando Mukherjee of Kolakata who was again provided assistance on tabla by Mr. Sahu. On Saturday evening there was instrumental duet by disciples of Guru Umashankar Mishra as well classical vocal duet by disciples of Guru Mukund Sahu. Hitanshu Patnaik provided entertainment to the audience through ghazal and thumri. Tushar Acharya performed khayal and tarana. The show had ended with Odissi dance recital by Rubina Padhi.