Koraput district police managed to solve the mystery behind murder of a police constable Dhanupriya Khillo, whose body had been found on the outskirts of Koraput town on Monday (October 7).

Three accused involved in this gruesome murder including two juveniles were rounded by the police. They had used long screw drivers to commit the crime. According to Koraput Superintendent of Police (SP) it was a very gruesome murder as the assailants had stabbed and caused over 15 deep injuries to the deceased by two screw drivers used as murder weapon. It was a shock for the local police as well as locals when the Khillo’s body was located in a pool of blood on the outskirts of Koraput town on Monday morning. The injuries on his body hinted that it was not be handiwork of Maoists. Even the family members of the deceased did not have any suspicion against anyone regarding this lethal attack on Khillo.

Despite lack of hints about motive and any major clues, the Koraput district police started its investigation.

The investigation concentrated upon the time of murder and the calls made by the deceased from his mobile phone before his killing. This led to apprehension of a juvenile, whose interrogation proved that he was an accused in this murder case.

Acting on the information spilled out by the juvenile during interrogation the police managed to arrest another juvenile and a person named Rama Naik in relation to this murder case.

The two screw drivers which had been used as murder weapon were seized from them. According to the police, the arrested juveniles would be forwarded to juvenile home, while the other accused would be forwarded to court.