Special Correspondent

Public-private partnership to improve conditions remains on paper

BHUBANESWAR: Even as the government and the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation have been claiming that effort are on to make the Capital city a better place to live in, the civic conditions seem to be turning worse by the day. The condition of the roads in particular tells a disturbing story.

If you are driving down Janpath, one of the main thoroughfares, you seem to get an impression as if you have entered an area full of dust and smoke. The dust the badly damaged road creates virtually chokes you.

Bumpy ride

This is not all. If you are going to Rajiv Bhavan, a prominent government buildings in the city, from the AG Square, you are in for bigger trouble. Once you take the right turn, a little ahead of the Bhubaneswar Club, you get into a real bumpy patch. Authorities have not bothered to bring the road to a manageable shape for over two months now.

The road from Kalinga Hospital Square to Acharya Vihar is also in a bad shape. Those driving two-wheelers are always the worst-hit.

The less you talk about Saheed Nagar locality the better. The lanes and by-lanes in one of the posh colonies of the city, which is fast becoming a commercial hub, give you enough jerks. With streets acting as drains when it rains, one finds hundreds of potholes that have gone unnoticed by the civic authorities.

Similar is the situation in many other localities. The lanes inside all the major market places also tell identical tales. And the tall talk of the municipal corporation about public-private partnership in making the city a beautiful place remains a slogan, having little significance to city dwellers.