Leader of Opposition in West Bengal Assembly Surya Kanta Mishra said here on Wednesday that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was “performing the funeral rite of the State exchequer by holding festivals” in the State.

His remarks were made in connection with Ms Banerjee’s comment while inaugurating the Uttar Banga Utsav in Siliguri on Monday asking, “if we won’t organise festivals should we perform funeral rites”. Dr Mishra said Ms Banerjee had spent Rs.100 crore for organising such festivals in the State.

Referring to the recent reports of suicide by farmers and transport workers in the State, Dr Mishra said that while people are dying and their funeral rites are being performed Ms Banerjee is only concerned about organising festivals wasting the money of the State exchequer.

“The money belongs to the people. It is not someone’s ancestral property,” he said.

Asked about the rise in the electricity tariff announced during the day, Dr Mishra said the State Government can provide respite to the people by giving subsidies but instead it is busy organising festivals.

Dr Mishra said the Trinamool Congress had been part of the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party-led governments at the Centre that have brought legislations doing away with the State government’s role in deciding the electricity tariff.

Pradip Bhattacharya, president of the State unit of the Congress, said it was a matter of concern that electricity tariff was being increased frequently.

“It is the responsibility of the State Government to put a check on the electricity tariff but it is not at all concerned on the issue,” he said.

We will soon hold a meeting of our district presidents to announce a movement against the State Government for failing to check the price rise, Mr Bhattacharya said.