West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) will not be able to prevent her party from winning the upcoming rural elections. She urged people to smear each other with green powder on Holi, as is usually done in election triumph celebrations of her party.

Pointing out that the CPI(M) had thought the Trinamool Congress would not be able to run the government for more than three months, she said that on the contrary what the Left Front governments had not been able to show in 34 years, her government would within five years.

“I can challenge that the work the ‘ ma , maati , manush ’ (mother, soil, people -- a slogan of the Trinamool Congress) government has done no government has been able to,” she claimed at a public function at Baruipur in South 24 Parganas district where a host of development projects for the region were announced with an eye on the panchayat elections.

“In the past year and three-quarters [since her government assumed power] all that the CPI(M) has been doing is talking big. It has destroyed West Bengal and done no work for 35 years. How can it even expect to be returned to power anytime soon? Have the people forgotten?” Ms. Banerjee asked.

The rhetoric suggested that Ms. Banerjee, who has been speaking in a similar vein in the course of her visits to the districts recently , is well into her campaign for the panchayat elections.

It was the CPI (M)-led Left Front to be first in the line of fire but the United Progressive Alliance Government at the Centre was not spared either. While the former had left her government with a massive debt burden the latter has been deducting interest leaving the State exchequer virtually empty, Ms. Banerjee alleged.

“The CPI (M) took the loans; Delhi has been deducting money [as interest payment] without even asking us”, she said even as she claimed that the resulting financial distress had not been able to thwart her government’s development initiatives.

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