Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: Lepra Society has come out to clear up the backlog of CD-4 count of registered HIV positive persons of the Anti Retro-Viral Therapy (ART) center at the MKCG medical college campus.

The ART center established in the most HIV affected Ganjam district is the only center in Orissa.

However, the centre has yet to get a CD-4 machine that counts the T4 cells in blood to ascertain the immunity level of a HIV positive person.

Only after T4 cell count that the HIV positive persons are provided ART. Every month around 20 samples are being sent from the center to Kolkata for T4 cell count. It has resulted in long backlog of over 900 HIV positive persons who are registered at here.

Lepra Society has decided to help the ART center to clear up this backlog of T4 cell count of registered persons till it gets a CD-4 machine.

According to Loknath Mishra, a partner of Lepra Society, blood samples of registered HIV positive persons would be procured twice a week.

On each day around 100 blood samples would be collected to be sent for T4 cell count at the laboratory of Lepra Society in Hyderabad.

Mr Mishra said by October, the HIV positive persons could be provided with the much needed therapy.

Meanwhile the Ganjam district administration has approached the NACO for establishment of second ART center at Aska in the district.

The decision was taken to make ART accessible to other HIV positive persons in Aska district also.