Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: Lieutenant Governor Iqbal Singh has extended his greetings to the people of the Union Territory on the occasion of Pongal celebrations.

In his message, Mr. Singh said the festival of Pongal brings along with it, all that is best and everything that is good in the hearts and minds of the Tamil people. He wished that the birth of the Tamil “Thai” month ushers in happiness and prosperity in the lives of people.

Union Minister of State for Planning, Parliamentary Affairs and Culture V. Narayanasamy wished that the festival may bring in prosperity and happiness in the lives of farmers, fishermen, traders, labourers, marginalised and backward communities and unorganised workers in the country. In his greetings, he mentioned that the festival uplifted the working class community.

Extending his wishes for Pongal, Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam said the celebration highlighted the rich Tamil cultural tradition coinciding with agricultural labour besides patronising livestock.

He said that agriculture has brought about a dramatic change in the Union Territory. This is made possible due to introduction of new technology, farm facilities and unique agricultural strategies.

“Our government has contributed for agriculture with latest technologies and thereby ensured permanent revenue and living status of agriculturists, improving their socio-economic progress and development,” he said and assured that the government schemes and programmes will continue for the benefit of the people of Puducherry.

Minister for Public Works M.O.H.F. Shahjahan also extended his greetings on the occasion of Pongal.