Lawyers and other citizens of the city are demanding since long shifting of a polluting fish market from the vicinity of Berhampur court premises.

This fish market, which is popularly known as Kamapalli fish market, is located adjacent to the court complex that houses Ganjam district judge court complex, court of the sub-divisional judicial magistrate and family court. It may be noted that this old court complex building has been declared a heritage building by Odisha High Court. Apart from the court, office of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC), southern division, and special treasury is also situated in the area. So, it is always crowded and pollution caused by the fish market causes problem for the people visiting the court and other offices in the area.

This fish market operates on a public road that leads to the court complex and other offices in the area. The vendors of this fish market do their trading on the open road and obstruct free flow of traffic. According to some lawyers, goats and lambs are slaughtered in the open in this area. The waste of this area gets dumped in the drain and on the road itself. The staff quarters of irrigation and public works departments suffer due to water and air pollution caused by this market.

Motorists’ nightmare

The condition of the existing road passing through this fish market is in a dilapidated condition with numerous potholes filled with filthy water and bio-waste including the viscera of slaughtered animals. It was alleged that since the past 15 year this road had not been renovated.

According to former secretary of Ganjam Bar Association, Jyoti Prasad Chotray, local municipal authority had constructed rooms on both side of this public road and rented them out to the vendors for fish, chicken and mutton business. “Law is well settled that any construction over a public road is illegal in the eye of law and considered as an encroachment under the Orissa Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 1972”, Mr Chotray said. He pointed out that under this Act, municipality or government have no power to grant an encroachment on public road.

Several times in the past Ganjam Bar Association had demanded shifting of this fish and meat market from the vicinity of court premises. Recently Mr Chhotray had written to the Chief Minister, Ganjam district collector, Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BMC), and State Pollution Control Board for early measures to shift this polluting market from the vicinity of the court premises. He also demanded removal of ‘illegal’ construction made by the municipal authority over the public road for the market and renovation of the road.

  • The market is popularly known as Kamapalli fish market

  • The market is located adjacent to the court complex