Thirteen district Collectors have been reprimanded for making a mess of the State government’s flagship schemes of distribution of land among landless families.

Revenue and Disaster Management Department Secretary Tara Datt in a letter asked the Collectors to furnish factual report about land distribution in their respective district.

In the strongly worded missive, he said erroneous fact about land distribution scheme showed as if revenue functionaries holding key positions in the district did not care for implementing critically important government programme.

Of the 13 districts, several districts are affected by Left wing extremists and land distribution programme is the key government response for preventing people from leaning towards the extremism.

The State government had started Vasundhara scheme under which eligible families are given homestead land and the last date for complete implementation of the scheme was October 2012.

However, the Gajapati district report says as on April 1, 2012 number of families without homestead land in the district was 15,201.

Number of families who could not be provided homestead land due to unavailability of land is 535.

As on December 15 last, number of families who are still homestead less in the district is 10,294 while the achievement of district in the scheme was shown 4,372 families.

Similarly, distribution of cultivable land scheme has gone awry in the district. Of the 9,624 families without cultivable land, 8,507 families are yet to be distributed government land.